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at this headline. a land without guns. how japan has virtually eliminated shootings. in part by forbidding almost all forms of firearm ownership japan has as few as two gun-related homicides a year. i understand -- oh, we can't do that here! >> there are too many guns out to there to confiscate. >> stephanie: a friend of mine said bad people are always going to get -- [ buzzer ] where are the guns in japan? >> every country has bad people. every country has sociopaths. every country has people that want to kill other people. >> stephanie: the president's right. we can't tolerate we have more freedom. really? this is the price of freedom? how many zillion times more than the next country? >> kids get killed in elementary school? >> stephanie: in first grade. >> gun people have their rights so that kids can have their rights and lives taken away. >> stephanie: i'm just saying -- i'm not saying we're going to ban all guns like japan but do you think there's some connection that there's two deaths a year in japan from guns.
with 40% of its economy. we have the advantage over china and we're more productive than germany and japan. it has to do with the free market entrepreneur where we value the assembly line and they're innovating and customizing product. >> six times the productive over china in the united states. that keeps us on par in terms of our output. that being said, 1979 you note in the book at peak we're what, amine, significant number of jobs. now we're down to 11-plus million jobs. how do we change that trendline? >> well, it's a challenge. the biggest challenge is the jobs that are in manufacturing now require higher kills. we need to have our community colleges preparing people to have the credentialing to have the operating cnc machines, operating programming skills that are going to be required for modern manufacturing workforce. these jobs are more competitive and they require more skill. i think that's one of the big challenges. >> gavin: so you value manufacturing why? why is it so important that we produce things? why not in a globalized world just go for the cheapest product to reduce th
markets in the world and found no statistical correlation. you look at japan, for example, which has tremendous video game consumption, and they play all of the games that we do and they don't have the violence that we have. >> stephanie: yes, that's absolutely true. the gun laws i think is the biggest piece, mental health is the biggest piece, but we can't sit here and say the last several of these mass shootings -- >> i think addiction is really strong. we don't know that there's an addiction to violent video games -- >> some people do sit there and play them for 12 15 hours on end. >> yeah. we don't have that information about adam lanza. i think that that's a stretch. and i think it's very dangerous to make those sorts of assumptions, and if you have a mentally disturbed individual who makes a life choice, you have to look at the dauseey of that person. >> stephanie: joe lieberman said the violence in the culture, particularly with the real them of videos does have a correlation -- >> and then you have to take all of the quentin tarantino movies off t
states of america was suddenly and deliberately attacked by forces of the empire of japan. >> empire of japan, yeah, a day will live in infany. president saying the united states was entering into war after pearl harbor. you guys, was it the same with you? when i was in high school, we knew that every december 7th, we would have a pop quiz, a sneak attack. >> really? >> oh, yeah. oh yeah. teacher would always say, december 7th, december 7th, sneak attack pearl harbor. >> i never got that. >> was the pop quiz about pearl harbor? >> no. they called it a sneak attack. >> really? >> an odd way to commemorate it. never got that. >> you know, like a test that you were not told there was going to be a test. so you hadn't studied for it. that was a sneak attack. a piece of paper, pearl harbor december 7th. >> wow. you could do that with more recent events now. >> sure. wait. that was catholic school. you think i was going to complain? is it wasn't about pearl harbor but math or history. >> i understand the concept. >> the fact you hadn't studied, you didn'
firearms. >> imagine that! [ cuckoo clock chimes ] >> stephanie: how does that -- okay. in japan which has very strict laws only 11 people killed with guns in 2008 compared with 12,000 deaths by firearms that year alone in the united states. huge disparity obviously. mayor bloomberg said we're the only industrialized country that has this problem in the whole world. the only one. >> we're number one. >> stephanie: america. >> american exceptionalism. great. >> stephanie: okay. ryan in illinois. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi ryan. hello, ryan. max in arkansas. >> this is max. >> i was going to make a comment about these assault rifles. you know, even in the military, they don't give you an m-16 when you get there. you're observed and when they do give you one, you don't get any bullets. and when they do give you bullets, they're blanks. now the tax taxpayers spend billions training soldiers in that manner. you should be able to buy that across the counter. >> stephanie: very good point. katherine
. guinness book of world records says it is a man from japan said to be the oldest person in the world. 15 days younger than dina was. >> bill: there you go, ellen ratner. you got a long way to go. >> oh, please. you know something senator inouye died yesterday. and his last words were reportedly aloha. >> bill: what a great guy. a real american patriot. >> amazing. >> bill: medal of honor winner too. tell us about goats for the old goat is to do what where? >> first of all how do we get there? we took a trip through talker's magazine in march of 2008. so it will be almost five years ago. we took two talk show hosts. we took rusty humphries and tom hartman and joe madison who had been there before me actually and they're very involved. and we, of course, invite you to come. sleep in a tent, no running water, no electricity, we would love to have you. >> bill: i wonder why i couldn't make that trip. >> i go every 12 weeks. i got bitten by the sudan bug. i was very moved by the fact that these people were in sla
games -- >> stephanie: but they don't have access to guns. >> exactly. people in japan they invent those video games there -- >> they actually have plenty of guns in canada but they don't feel the need to use them like we do. >> stephanie: i read another article that really is gross when you think about it. like everyone in this country has enough guns. they are selling paranoia at some point. >> yeah. better get more! >> stephanie: exactly. that's been the biggest seller. obama is coming for your guns. any way couple of thoughts on patty from kansas city. steph as much are as i love jacki she is wrong on this -- again we had a lot of people that agreed with jacki. the kids i watch have all of these video games. i have seen the personality of a nine year old kid very drastically. and he is now looking at assault weapons on line. like people talk about gateway drugs. a kid is already unbalanced does it help? no. julie writes liberals should be able to change too, or why should they over in right-wing world. joe scarborough said a lot of same things yesterday, and
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7